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Glimps 2014: The first names!

Today, Glimps drops the first few names. Most of them are rather unknown for the time being, but Glimps is convinced that that's about to change.

I Will I Swear - Sleepers' Reign - Vuurwerk - Paon - Hydrogen Sea - Blaue Blume (DK) - The Wands (DK) - JoyCut (IT) - Aloa Input (DE) - Children (DE) - Nvmeri (SK) - Comausaure (FR) - Bajzel (PL) - SVPER (ES) - Sea Change (NO) - Black Lizard (FI) - Rina Mushonga (NL) - GOSTO (NL) - The Away Days (TR) - The 45's (UK) - Tenfold Rabbit (EE) - Nordmann - Black Flower - Ragini Trio

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