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DAFT Mobile Insta-Vinyl Recording Studio

Stijn Verdonckt, Recording Engineer/Mixer/ Recording Studio owner at former La Chapelle Studios (Goose, Stephen Malkmus, Amen Ra, Daan, ...), is now starting DAFT Recording Studios, where 40 musicians can rehearse and work at the same time right in the middle of the woods. The coming year, he will be travelling around with his mobile Insta-Vinyl Studio for promotion. The studio will be available in an empty tram right in front of Handelsbeurs, a tram that was installed as a part of the TRAVAK-project as a live image and video installation.
Artists can showcase here, and the show will be immediately recorded onto vinyl.

17h00 Blackie and the Oohoos
16h30 Gold Celeste
19h00 Bird on the Wire
15h00 Disaster in the Universe
17h30 Pink Oculus
20h00 Sherman

Come check it out!


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22tracks <3 Glimps

Check out our 22tracks-playlist, a selection of artists playing at this year's edition.

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Line-up completely, uh, complete

With the addition of The Black Heart Rebellion, Rozi Plain, and Jono McCleery, and jazz names Nathan Wouters, Antoine Pierre Urbex, SCHNTZL and Sylvain Rifflet, the line-up for this year's Glimps is complete.

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Line-up: we're almost there!

With the addition of these names, the line-up for Glimps 2015 is almost complete!

Haty Haty (NL, photo) - Bill Ryder-Jones (UK) - Lea Porcelain (DE) - Innerwoud - Nadja - Bloody Beach (NO) - Warm Graves (DE) - Alaska Gold Rush - Bazart - Keep Camping - Bon Voyage Organisation - Le Colisée - Abu (CH) - Bird on the Wire (NL) - Kel Assouf - Mocambo

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Another batch of names!

We thought it'd be a good idea to drop another load of names, so here you go:

Yung (DK) - Fenster (DE) - Kapitan Korsakov (BE) - Dans Dans (BE) - Cristobal and the Sea (UK) - Go March (BE) - Nils Grondahl (DK) - Howling Owl (SE) - Blackie and the Oohoos (BE) - Raveyards (BE) - Brutus (BE) - Pauw (NL) - Lydmor & Bon Homme (DK) - Sherman (BE) - Gold Celeste (NO) - Protection Patrol Pinkerton (BE) - Bombay (NL) - Rendez-Vous (FR) - Roscoe (BE) - My Baby (NL) - Raglans (IE) - JP Cooper (UK)

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Kapitan Korsakov added!

Kapitan Korsakov joins the line-up. We're just making sure you'll all have a good time.

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New names

Lyenn - Taragana Pyrajama (DK) - Jacob Bellens (DK) - Newmoon - Illuminine - Sevdaliza (NL) - Mountain Bike - Disaster in the Universe (NO) - Yalta Club (FR/DE) - Skiiing (DE) - Kriget (SE) - Pink Oculus (NL) - Shiny Darkly (DK)

Already announced:

Fay Wildhagen (NO) - Demob Happy (UK) - I Have A Tribe (IE) - Junius Meyvant (IC) - Kid Flicks (GR) - Rina Mushonga (NL) - Drink to Me (IT) - Yellowstraps (BE) - Hypochristmutreefuzz (BE) - Hiele (BE)

You can find the full line-up here!

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